1997-1999 Dodge Neon 

 Factory Installed Sunroof Information Page 


Good News 1997-1999 Dodge Neon Sunroof Owners! We now have a repair kit for your sunroof. Our metal sunroof guides replace the original plastic guides that commonly fail. The guides are the parts which attach to the sunroof cables. 

The left and right track assemblies can be removed from the exterior hole opening to service these parts. The repair kit includes the replacement guide set, lithium grease, special daubers that are used to both clean the tracks and apply new grease and instructions. A replacement drive tube locating bracket is also included in the repair kit. This part sits above the motor. It holds the sunroof cables tight to the gear on the motor. If you have cable slippage after installing our replacement guides, you will need to install this part. The sunroof assembly must be removed from the vehicle to service the drive tube locating bracket because it is positioned above the motor on top of the sunroof assembly.  


If you need installation &/or troubleshooting assistance go to Yahoo! Yellow Pages You should come up with a list of qualified sunroof repair facilities in your area.

Sunroof Weatherstrip

Sunroof Weatherstrip


1997-1999 Dodge Neon

Rubber & felt seal that attaches around glass perimeter


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Sunroof Motor


1997-1999 Dodge Neon

Rebuilt replacement motor. 1 year warranty.


Neon Sunroof Repair Kit 

 Sunroof Repair Kit


1997-1999 Dodge Neon

Includes L & R aluminum sunroof guides, motor bracket, track grease,  & instructions.




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