Here are a few notes we've received from our customers:



Thanks a million!  Both the dealer where I bought my 94 Corolla and the local sunroof installer said it would be near impossible to find replacement parts for my sunroof.  Well, a few minutes surfing the net and viola! The Sunroof Doctor to the rescue.  Not only did you have the part I needed, but it arrived in the mail in just a few quick days.  My hat's off to you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Eric Beiter

Thank you very much! I received and installed the sunroof glass (F700) for my '93 Chevrolet. It fit perfectly.

I will be recommending you to my friends, family, associates AND to my insurance company. I was not able to locate the replacement glass in the Toronto area and the only quotes I received were for a new and larger sunroof at 2 to 4 times your total cost!

Don Falconer

Whitby, Ontario    

Thanks for your prompt & informative reply regarding the Panarama Sunroof Fastener Kit! I was starting to think that I was searching for a "needle in a hay stack". I contacted several Ford dealerships, and also sunroof installation businesses, & none were able to help me find the required parts. I even sent an e-mail to the Panarama company in England, but never received a reply. It's a pleasure to deal with a competent & professional company like yours. I placed a telephone order this morning, and the customer service representative was extremely polite & informative. Thanks again for your assistance.



Walter P.

Ottawa, Canada

I am very grateful for your prompt responses as well as your excellent service. I had been searching for 2 weeks in great frustration trying to solve the problem. Your experience and answers helped me get on the right trail which then caused me to look at the "aftermarket" possibility. The rest was a duck shoot after I got the name, Velm. Your physical descriptions, measurements and photos were exactly what was  needed to get us fixed up. I installed the replacement you sent in about 5 minutes. My daughter was delighted to not be putting a tarp over her car in the high school parking lot. Thank you so much for all you have done. My daughter thanks you as well for sparing her further bad hair days and embarrassment. 



 R. Busby 


Thanks ever so much for the great service regarding our sunroof. We are so happy and not getting rained on anymore. Words cannot express how happy we are that we are not getting wet.


Lisa J. Keen-Jess

I just wanted to thank you again, the moonroof for the '87 Civic SI has arrived and it is great. You offered the best price and quality I could find, both of which were top of the line. If ever a friend asks about sunroofs or moonroofs, I will direct them to you. Thanks again!


Albert Popalis

Thank you, I got the sunroof and it worked. I installed it no problem. Thank you for your promptness, and friendliness. I'll tell everyone I know about you all. Thanks for being in the business of sunroofs!!!



Barbara Harris


Just a note to let you know I received my t-top seals and everything looks good! Thank you very much for the advice and help, I will keep your email so I can get the "P" seals from you. 

Thank You!

Marc King

Wow, I'm so glad I found this site. My T-tops are in terrible shape. The prices here are awesome. The dealership quoted me $1100.00 EACH!! I will be ordering from you soon. It will be nice not to be rained on in my car anymore.

Dannielle Schroetter

 I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your help today. I am the one who talked to you about my Remove-a-Top sunroof. When I got  home and had a closer look I found out that the screws that held the  bracket up were self tapping. I was able to drive them back into the  bracket that had fallen off and the whole things seems reasonably secure again. I appreciate your time in helping me identify the manufacturer of my  sunroof and your help in suggesting a fix for it. Turns out the whole repair was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. If only raising my 11 year old daughter would turn out that way....... 



 John Camilleri



Thank you so much for your help. I have searched everywhere for someone to help me no one has! I was at the point I was going to get a whole new sunroof. I have had several of my friends go to you all were very happy. You have solved my WET shoulder problems :-)



Austin E. Staunton


Thanks for the speedy delivery of the sunroof! It sure did come in handy with the rain storms we had yesterday and last night. This is the best service I have ever received, I only wish I had gotten on the internet and found you guys sooner. I will be sure to spread the word of your business if I come across someone looking for a replacement sunroof part. Once again, thanks for the great service! 



Yvonne Garcia



Thank you so much for your great service on the C & C T-Top seals. I received them yesterday, and installed them last night. It is raining at the moment here in New Zealand so I even got to try them out and NO leaks, I am so happy! I have passed your card onto a guy called Chuck, he does American car parts here in New Zealand, he said he will use you from now on for all T-Top seals etc.

Once again thanks for your effort.

Tony O'Toole

Auckland, New Zealand


I  would like to extend my appreciation to Rick for his help in getting my Velm replacement  to me.  He was very patient with me.  The roof came sooner than expected and went in like a charm.  


Thanks again,




Just wanted to write and let you know that the sunroof worked. It fit like a glove.

Thanks for all the time and help.


A. Creech



I recently purchased a  Hollandia five wire motor and had to exchange it for the two wire.  I would like to thank you for your speedy turn around time and your ability to go above and beyond anything I could have imagined as far as reliability and professionalism.  I just installed my two wire motor and everything works great.

Thanks again.

Gerald T. Holmes, Jr


I just wanted to thank you for the gasket. It arrived extremely fast and fits like a charm as was very affordable. I'm a member of an SHO Taurus club and i put your link on there for them to see. A leaky sunroof gasket is a plague among our cars but no one was willing to pay Ford 180 bucks for it.. Anyhow thanks for the excellent product and experience.


Take care,


Karson Swartz



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